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European Language Academy

About ELA

ELA was established in 2000 as a boutique European language school offering courses in French, German, Spanish and Italian mainly to children, with some evening classes for adults. Over time, we grew to become one of the largest private providers of European language teaching in New Zealand, helped by the growing cultural diversity in Auckland and a deepening desire amongst New Zealanders to embrace European language and culture. Our reputation as a quality provider of French, German, Spanish and Italian classes is widely acknowledged, and most of our clients today come to us through referrals.  Since inception, we have had over 2500 New Zealanders enrol for one of our courses. In 2007, European Language Academy rebranded to become Euroasia, and opened a new branch in Christchurch.

We provide the following services:

  • delivery of group and individual language classes for adults and children;
  • delivery of second language programmes at various schools;
  • cross cultural consulting services, mainly to corporates and government;
  • one-to-one language training and preparation courses for Kiwis going overseas;
  • translation/interpreting services.

Even though we have grown significantly in the last few years, we have not lost our sense of purpose. We understand why we are in business and why our clients come to us.

We know that we are not here simply to run language classes, but to promote greater cultural understanding amongst New Zealanders through language and culture.