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Client testimonials

We conduct regular client surveys in order to gauge what our clients think about our services.

We are proud to say that our clients consistently rank our language classes and corporate services as “exceeding expectations” across most categories.

ELA is always open to client feedback and all teachers constantly seek feedback throughout the course. All clients also have the opportunity to speak with the management team regarding any issue at any time.

Just listen to what some of our clients have to say:

"I am working entirely in Spanish, as this is the official language at work here. Without the Spanish lessons I wouldn't be able to make it! I would just like to say that we are very satisfied with the methodology and (the teacher's) enthusiasm.  I can definitely say we learned Spanish very quickly, and everybody here says we speak correctly (not only people reporting to me...!)"
Sergio Amodeo, Finance Director, Agua Danone España
(previously Chief Financial Officer, Griffins Food Limited / Groupe Danone New Zealand)
"Demonstrated enthusiasm for the language, the teaching and the students. Very good at developing rapport and understanding of needs.  (Teacher was)...sharp, alert and a good listener.  Strong customer focus"
Student in French class
"(Teacher) explains what the words mean and how they are used and how to pronunce them properly. (She) is a fantastic teacher and a great listener. Makes learning Italian fun, too."
Student in Italian class
"...encouragement and incredibly non-judgemental, given how bad we can be! Also continually speaks the language to you so you are forced to think in the language"
Student in Spanish class

"Uses relevant stories to keep students interested"

"Friendly, makes lessons fun..."

"Very good interactive exercises to make yourself think in the foreign language"

"Tania is patient and very encouraging"

"Very friendly and approachable... good stories, very fun..."

"Friendly and easy to get along with, also very approachable if I have a question..."

"Tania is very enthusiastic and always encourages students to speak Spanish as much as possible, which really helps..."