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European Language Academy

Why choose ELA?

Our experience guarantees your success

Since 2000 we have taught many satisfied students from many different backgrounds. We are the only academy of its kind in New Zealand offering courses in French / German / Spanish / Italian and other European languages. There are, however, various places that you can go to to learn a foreign language. The following are the factors that make us unique.

Specialist teachers

All teachers undergo a rigorous screening process undertaken by ELA. Our teachers are native speakers, qualified and experienced to teach. They draw on their skills and experience to select the most appropriate approach for each student or group. Most importantly, they are passionate about sharing their language and culture.

Small classes

Many other providers have a class limit of around 20. At ELA, our class limit is 8. The benefits of having small classes in language learning is widely acknowledged. There have been many studies on the relationship of class size to academic achievement. One of the most widely cited is the seminal paper Meta-analysis of research on the relationship of class size and achievement (Glass & Smith, 1978). The authors collected and summarised nearly 80 studies on the relationship of class size with academic performance that yielded over 700 class-size comparisons on data from nearly 900,000 pupils. The two primary conclusions drawn from this material are:

  • reduced class size can be expected to produce increased academic achievement; and
  • the major benefits from reduced class size are obtained as the size is reduced below 20 pupils.

Emphasis on culture

We offer a wide range of programmes. Whatever your current level, or needs, we will find a course to suit you. However, the common denominator is our emphasis on sharing the target culture with you. Language is inextricably linked to culture. We would be shortchanging you if we did not share the culture with you through our language classes.

Conversational focus

Most people who come to ELA want to learn how to speak the language. As such, our interactive classes are designed to give you the opportunity to practise speaking in class.

Individual approach

We will assess your needs to enable us to place you in the most appropriate class, ensuring you make the best possible progress. Our small class sizes allow for individual attention.

Diversity of students

At ELA, you will meet students from all backgrounds and share with them the common experience of learning to speak a foreign language.

Great location

ELA is centrally located. In Auckland, we are within walking distance of both the CBD and Ponsonby Road.  In Christchurch, we are just five minutes' walk from Cathedral Square.

Modern facilities

ELA is fully equipped with up-to-date materials and resources in comfortable surroundings. You can relax and put all your efforts into learning your chosen language.

Social and cultural programme

At ELA, our staff will be delighted to introduce you to not just the language, but also the cultural elements of the language you are studying. We will also provide you with opportunities to participate in social activities so that you can practise your language skills.