Christchurch language class information


Language classes for adults

One lesson a week, with lessons running on Thursdays, 6.00pm to 7.30pm or 7.40pm to 9.10pm. Courses run concurrently with the school term.

Currently courses in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian are available (also in Japanese, Chinese and Korean). Check out next term's timetable.

Course fee: $299 per term (inc. GST)


One-to-one training, telephone language lessons or small groups by special arrangement

Special one-on-one language programmes are customised in order to meet the specific needs of learners. Contact us to ask how we can tailor a special programme for you.

Course fee: $70 per hour for up to 2 people (inc. GST); generally students book a 5- or 10-lesson block at a time.

We can organise a guided course delivered over the phone and internet.  This is ideal if you are just too busy, or if you are often travelling but can be reached by telephone in any destination. Similarly, if you live in a very remote location, and a teacher can’t get to you, telephone language lessons are an excellent solution. There is a wide range of lessons to choose from.

We can also offer weekend language courses, lunchtime courses, summer school programmes, examination preparation and pre-school programmes. One-to-one programmes are also available for languages for which demand is smaller, such as Portuguese, Swedish, Croatian and Arabic, also other European languages.


General information

The focus of our lessons is on developing the skills of speaking and listening to give you greater confidence and fluency in communication. New language is introduced steadily and practised thoroughly so that you will be able to use it naturally.

Our European language courses are based on materials compiled by ELA to suit your level, but you do also study using other resources, such as CDs.

Some of the material is practised directly with your teacher; at other times, you work in pairs or small groups under the supervision of your teacher.

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