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ELA Cross Cultural is now known as Euroasia Cross Cultural. Up-to-date information on our services and contact information can be found on the Euroasia Cross Cultural website.


Services to business

Cross cultural training

We have extensive experience in the area of cross cultural training. In recent times, we have offered programmes on managing cultural diversity, country briefings and other culture-related matters. We specialise in helping New Zealanders bridge the gap with people from other cultures. We are able to provide effective training in business protocols and specific business language skills, a necessity for those dealing with people from non-English-speaking backgrounds. We also work with professionals who have recently arrived in New Zealand and are requiring assistance on settling into a New Zealand working environment.

Language assessment services

We have unique expertise and extensive experience in assessing the language ability and cultural understanding of employees. Our experience in assisting businesses with the recruitment of multilingual candidates will help you in filling positions which require knowledge of languages other than English.

Translation and interpreting services

ELA does official document translations and corporate document translations. ELA's staff can also act as interpreters, with an ability not just to translate words literally, but also to read body language and nuances, especially critical in commercial negotiations. We can provide specialist interpreters for conferences, legal cases, business negotiations and personal situations including family meetings.

Cultural briefings and country briefings

Cultural briefings serve as a useful introduction to a country, including its business and economic climate.

Specific topics of relevance in a business context include:

  • introductions - gaining respect
  • mentality - values - misconceptions - formality
  • forms of address - titles -status - business cards - dress & social protocol - dos/don'ts - local sensitivities
  • personal security - conduct in public places
  • business meetings - entertaining - negotiation
  • decision-making - avoiding conflict

Tour guiding

ELA can provide tour guides for in-bound tour groups visiting New Zealand and outbound tour groups intending to travel to non-English-speaking countries. We specialise in servicing corporate and government groups. We also work with travel agencies wanting to provide in-bound clients with a point of difference: tour guides who understand the cultures of the customers they are serving.

Services to schools

Outsourcing of language programmes

ELA has arrangements with many schools in New Zealand, assisting them in fulfilling their second-language teaching commitments. Our teachers are native speakers, experienced in teaching children's programmes. Our programmes are consistent with the requirements of the New Zealand curriculum. 

Professional development for second language teachers

Schools offering second language programmes may have teachers with the necessary skills to teach the language, but their own knowledge may need enhancement.  ELA offers customised programmes for teachers wanting to develop their own language skills.

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