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ELA Cross Cultural

Experiencing culture shock?
Unsure how to manage the foreigners in your team?
Can't understand your customers/suppliers?
Tired of miscommunicating with your team?

Wondering why Kiwis are so different?

Rest assured, you are not alone.

ELA Cross Cultural has rebranded and is now known as Euroasia Cross Cultural. Up-to-date information on our services and contact information can be found on the Euroasia Cross Cultural website.

ELA Cross Cultural is a division of European Language Academy (ELA), and specialises in advising New Zealanders and non-Kiwis working in New Zealand on cultural issues. We advise clients working with people from cultures different from their own, particularly people from non-English backgrounds.

As the world continues to evolve, so do the needs of most of our clients. Our clients are no longer looking to us solely for language training, but for specific assistance in order to work with staff, clients or suppliers from culturally-diverse backgrounds.

We have extensive experience training business professionals. ELA’s consultants are able to provide effective training in ways of relating cross-culturally, in addition to specific business language skills. 

In recent history, ELA has worked with various high-profile individuals, as well as with organisations in the area of language and culture, including NZ Trade and Enterprise, Team Oracle BMW Racing, Fonterra, Danone and Vodafone.

Why use ELA Cross Cultural?

  1. Extensive operational experience in the delivery of on-time and on-budget intercultural training programmes;
  2. Flexibility in timetabling to suit staff on rosters, with potential for a staged implementation and modular approach;
  3. Courses are delivered by trained and experienced consultants;
  4. Experience in developing and delivering authentic programmes encompassing both culture and language;
  5. Fresh perspectives from the combined knowledge of staff with overseas teaching experience, which can be incorporated with our extensive understanding of effective teaching methodology in a New Zealand context.

Our proven track record and strong brand, coupled with extensive operational experience in the delivery of on-time and on-budget intercultural training programmes, has allowed us to carve a unique reputation in this sector, with many referrals coming from satisfied clients.

ELA Cross Cultural is skilled in gaining and maintaining support for cross-cultural programmes.  We understand the need to make outcomes visible, particularly to stakeholders, including decision-makers and our clients’ clients. We engage in various activities to promote awareness and understanding amongst members of the organisation, for example, by publicising culture-related events and stories. 

Get in touch with Kenneth Leong, Director of ELA Cross Cultural, to discuss ways in which we can assist you with understanding and working with people from other cultures.