French language school

European Language Academy is a highly-regarded language school for French classes. We have taught hundreds of students since opening in 2000. Our French courses are offered at up to 6 levels and introduce you primarily to the spoken language. Using our own materials, specially designed to suit the needs of our clients here in New Zealand, we open up this rich and fascinating language.  Our native French-speaking teachers provide lively and stimulating teaching, and also many fascinating insights into French life and culture.

Looking to learn French as a second language? Contact us now, and join us to see for yourself why we are New Zealand's preferred language school for French!

The value of learning French

French is a widely-used language around the world.  In addition to being spoken in France itself, it is spoken in adjoining Belgium and Switzerland, in Quebec, in parts of the West Indies, extensively in North, West and Central Africa, even in parts of Asia, such as Vitenam, Laos and Cambodia.   Closer to home, French is, of course, the main language used in New Caledonia and Tahiti.

The French language is the key to a rich culture, with a long history of distinction in the arts and in the sciences.  The attractions of the French-speaking countries are enormous, and they are one part of the world where English is often not widely spoken!  Today, of course, France is also an economic power of great importance, and a number of French companies operate in New Zealand.