Learn to speak French

Our French courses are designed so you can learn to speak French quickly and confidently.  In our introductory French classes, we help you to communicate in simple, everyday situations.  We avoid difficult grammar as far as possible, emphasising instead speaking and listening skills.  At higher levels, we look more at the grammar, and also do a little more reading and writing, but even so we encourage communication above all.  At the same time, particularly in the introductory classes, we introduce you to many fascinating aspects of the French way of life.

French pronunciation can be a bit tricky, but it is not so hard to make yourself understood.  A lot of the vocabulary is similar to words that we have in English.  The main thing is that you should enoy your learning experience, and not be afraid to experiment!  Go for it!

Learn to speak French in a comfortable and lively environment. Contact us now, and join us to see for yourself why we are New Zealand's preferred French language school!