French Lessons

We will have you speaking French within your first French lesson. After some of the basics such as pronunciation the lessons will be focused on learning to speak French as soon as possible - after all that's the whole reason you're taking French lessons right?

We believe that learning French should be as much fun as it is educational. For that reason lessons will be very interactive. Sometimes one-on-one with just your teacher, other times the whole class is involved. Over the duration of the course your French lessons will become more advanced and more enjoyable as the you begin to speak the French with confidence.

European Language Academy is a great place to study French. The fun begins with your first French lesson. Contact us now to reserve your place.

French lessons are useful

When employers and universities look at applicants, they do not start looking at the bottom of the list to see who has done only the minimal amount of requirements necessary or taken the easiest route available, they start at the top of the list and look for those students who have risen above the rest. High school students should consider studying at least four years of a foreign language. College students should seek to earn a minor in French or have French as a primary or secondary major. With French they have access to the most widely spoken foreign language in the world after English and they become familiar with a culture that significantly influences our own. The French economy is one of the strongest in the world and is increasingly a leader in technological innovation. In sum, French is the language of the future.

French Lessons