Learn to Speak French

Our French courses are designed so you can learn to speak French quickly and confidently. Speaking French to your class members and teacher helps etch the language into your memory so you learn quickly. Reading French will also help round off your French skills as it creates a visual reference to the French words you speak.

One question we are asked the most is "What is one of the most popular European languages to learn to speak?" French without a doubt.

Learn to speak French in a comfortable, fun environment. Contact us now and see for yourself why we are the best French language school in Auckland.

French speaking facts

Importance of French in school and work Historically France and the French language have had an enormous influence over American society. France was the United States' first ally. French thought played a dominant role among the founders of the United States in the 18th century, and it continues to shape America today through the influence of such intellectual currents as post-structuralism and post-modernism. In the humanities and the social sciences, many of the most important writings have come from France. Students and researchers who know French have access to these works for several years before they are translated into English. Many significant works are never translated and remain accessible only to those who know the language. In addition, most graduate schools require knowledge of at least one foreign language, and French remains the most commonly used language after English.

Source: http://www.majbill.vt.edu/fll/french/whyfrench.html
Learn to speak French