German courses - pricing and timetable

German courses, like others at ELA, are structured around ELA-developed materials, but you will also study using CDs and other resources.  The emphasis is on the active use of the language in everyday contexts, and we encourage you to speak from the very beginning of the course.  Sometimes material is practised directly with your teacher, at other times in pairs or in small groups. We also encourge you to develop an interest in the German way of life, especially as it is introduced through the language.

Check out our timetable to see when German classes are offered.

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German courses for adults

One lesson a week, with lessons offered during the period Monday to Thursday, 6.00pm to 7.30pm and 7.40pm to 9.10pm. German courses run concurrently with the school term.

Course fee: $360 per term (inc. GST)

One-to-one training or small groups by special arrangement

Special one-to-one German programmes are customised in order to meet the specific needs of learners. Contact us to enquire about prices and how we can tailor a special programme for you.

We also offer weekend German courses, lunchtime courses, summer school programmes, examination preparation and pre-school programmes.

Course fee: $72 per hour (inc. GST)


General class information

The focus of our German lessons is on developing the skills of speaking and listening to give you greater confidence and fluency in communication. New language is introduced steadily and practised thoroughly so that you will be able to use it naturally.

German courses are structured around materials suitable for your level, but you will also study using other resources, including CDs.

Some of the material is practised directly with your teacher; at other times, you work in pairs or small groups under the supervision of your teacher.