German lessons

At the end of your first German lesson, you will be speaking some German! German is in some ways one of the easier foreign languages to learn: much of its vocabulary is similar to that of English.

Your German lessons will be interactive and involve the whole class. Over the duration of the course, you will find that you gradually expand the range of situations about which you are able to communicate, and that you are able to speak German more confidently.

European Language Academy provides an interactive and authentic cultural environment in which to learn German.  To enrol for our next German course, contact us today!.

Careers using the German language

If you travel the world and find work in one of the caring professions such as medicine and education, you'll find many opportunities by knowing a second language such as German. If you're in any occupation that involves international trade, communications or tourism, no matter where you live, there will be plenty of opportunities to use your new German language skills.

Careers in which the German language may be useful include: accounting, anatomy, architecture, art history, banking, biology, bio-medical physics, botany, business, cartography, chemistry, design, education, engineering, export, fashion, film making, foreign correspondence/journalism, foreign service, genetics, geology, hotel management, international trade, interpreting, law/international law, linguistics, logic and methodology of science, molecular biology, marketing, medicine, music, nuclear energy, philosophy, physical science, physics, physiology, political science, publishing, religious studies, research, sociology, stock brokering, technology, tourism industry, translation, and zoology.

To learn more about careers in German, visit the following link and type in the word "German":