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European Language Academy is well-established for the teaching of German as a foreign language.  Over the past 6 years, we have taught hundreds of students. Using material specially designed to suit the needs of our students, we provide lively and stimulating German courses.  Our native German-speaking teachers also provide a fascinating introduction to German culture and way of life.

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The importance of the German language

German is the most widely-spoken language in the European Union and in the rapidly growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe, where it is a language of business, diplomacy and tourism.


Germany is an extremely important player in the world economy, and its language reflects that importance. For example, German and Japanese are pilot languages for future Microsoft products that will eventually be brought onto the market. In addition, Germany hosts important international trade shows. One out of every ten books published in the world is in German. Germany ranks third in the publishing industry (behind Britain and China). It is the one of the main languages for scientific publications.

A review of Nobel prizes indicates that scientists from the three major German-speaking countries have won 21 prizes in physics, 30 in chemistry, and 25 in medicine, while many other laureates from other countries received their training at German universities. Nine Nobel prizes have been awarded to German and Swiss writers, and seven Germans and Austrians have earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

Germany's educational system is a leading model for school-to-career partnerships and mentoring. It is the source of some of our own educational traditions: kindergarten, education for the deaf, technical training and physical education.

Even in the world of sports, German speakers figure prominently. Germany accumulated the second-highest total number of medals in the 1996 Olympics, while also winning the European Cup in soccer for the third time, as well as the highest total number of medals in the 1998 Olympics. In World Cup soccer, Germany has reached the finals more often than any other country, and only Brazil has won the title more often. In addition, tennis is a sport at which Germans excel, and German athletes dominate alpine skiing to the extent that German is the sport's primary language.

Large numbers of German tourists visit New Zealand.  In fact, Germans are among the most well-travelled people in the world! Travel in Europe is easier with a knowledge of German, because so many people speak it (in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, parts of other European countries, and countries west of Russia).

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