Learn Italian

There are a number of reasons for learning Italian. Apart from the vogue, the peculiarity, the mental exercise and the culture, it's always useful to speak the language of those with whom we have been bewitched. Italy is a land of perpetual fascination from which there is no escape, a country of lemons and oranges, of olives, of sunlight, of an ever-changing landscape, of colour and aromas. Italy is a country "condemned" to manage and conserve a huge proportion of all the world's archaeological and artistic beauty which, as much as it seems a cliche, renders it a prisoner.

Be that as it may, once in the "bel paese", or "beautiful country", visitors - whether staying in an elegant hotel in Capri or Venice, or in a caravan in the Umbrian countryside - are inserted into a sort of Dantesque cycle, and, even in spite of themselves, destined to happiness. All their senses are attacked and their curiosity stimulated, while thousands of years of culture impose themselves, sometimes softly, sometimes with a certain intrusion, on their attention. Something undefined enters their blood and forces them to return, to undertake other inspections, to deepen their first impressions.

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Guide to learning the Italian language