Italian lessons

We will have you start speaking Italian from your very first lesson. The courses focus on learning to speak as soon as possible and on the active use of Italian in everyday situations.  Italian is not a particularly difficult language to learn, and the lessons will steer a path for you which is clear and straightforward.  Our native-speaker teachers present the material in a lively and stimulating way.

We believe that learning Italian should be as much fun as it is educational. For that reason, lessons are very interactive. Sometimes you will work one-on-one with just your teacher; at other times, the whole class is involved. As the course progesses, your Italian lessons help you to speak about an ever-wider range of situations and topics. 

European Language Academy is a great place to study Italian. The fun begins with your first Italian lesson. Contact us now to reserve your place.

Italian is useful!

Italian lessons open up a whole range of possibilities, not only for tourism, but also for business.   Italy has a large and important economy, and Italian companies are widely represented around the world.  Anyone mastering Italian will enjoy enhanced career prospects and opportunities.  Studying a second language as part of a university course has much to recommend it, and a knowledge of Italian also makes studying other Latin-based languages, such as Spanish and French, much easier.