Learn to speak Italian

Our Italian courses are designed so you learn to use the basics quickly and confidently. Speaking Italian to your class members and teacher helps etch the language into your memory so you learn quickly.  You also find out more about Italian culture and way of life.

Learn to speak Italian in a comfortable and lively environment. Contact us now, and join us to see for yourself why we are New Zealand's preferred choice for Italian courses.

The role of the Italian language

While it is true that Italian is not a world language, it remains one of the most important languages spoken in Europe, and elsewhere in the world where there are expatriate Italian communities.

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world - holding fourth place after France, Spain, and the USA.  It has huge cultural riches to attract and excite the visitor, and the scenery, both urban and rural, is breathtaking.

Italian cuisine is one of the world's most popular, and a knowledge of the language makes it easier to appreciate the terminology used.

Much the same applies to music, where Italian was for a long time the international language.  Even today, Italian singers, from Eros Ramozotti to Andrea Boccelli, delight audiences well outside the Italian-speaking world.

Italy is also a great centre for fashion and style, and the liveliness and vitality of the country exert a tremendous appeal.

Not everyone in Italy speaks English!  Even a basic knowledge of the Italian language will greatly enhance any visit to the country.