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How you can benefit from learning a second language

How you can benefit from learning a second language

Most of us at some point or another have wanted to learn a second language.  Some of us have learnt French or Japanese at high school.  But most of us are still surprisingly monolingual (around 80% of Kiwis). 

Some New Zealanders still think English is the lingua franca of the global village, only to be surprised when they visit faraway towns in Europe, South America or Asia.  However, learning another language is useful not only because it opens up great travel possibilities.  Learning a foreign language also helps give us an understanding of and appreciation for people that are different from us.  Your understanding of the world will be enriched by gaining access to resources not available in English.

Parents concerned about their kids being confused with more than one language need not worry. One of the benefits of knowing a second language is that it will enhance your understanding and appreciation of the complexities of the English language.

And as far as careers go, you don’t have to be an aspiring United Nations diplomat to learn a second language.  In our global village today there is almost no career that you could enter where second language skills wouldn't come in handy at some time.  Even the big metropolitan cities - New York, London, Paris, Sydney etc. - which were once homogenous - now have sizeable populations of people who speak English as a second language.

Before you book your air ticket for that winter getaway in Europe this year, consider learning the local language to enrich your holiday experience.

The European Language Academy offers programmes for adults and children in French, Spanish, German and Italian.  Asian Language Academy offers programmes in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.