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ELA in the news

Here you will find resources from the media and press releases about ELA and material related to language learning.

Italian Feature
Citymix Magazine, October 2006

There are numerous reasons to learn Italian. Apart from the vogue, the mental exercise and the culture, it’s always useful to speak another language. Italy is a perpetual fascination, a country of colours and aromas, of ideals and culture.

How you can benefit from learning a second language

Ponsonby News, September 2006

Most of us at some point or another have wanted to learn a second language.  Some of us have learnt French or Japanese at high school.  But most of us are still surprisingly monolingual (around 80% of Kiwis).

Speaking the Lingo
Employment Today , July 2005

New Zealand is at the bottom of all surveyed nations when it comes to businesses with the ability to negotiate in more than one language, according to chartered accountants and business advisers Grant Thornton. Their International Business Owners Survey for 2004, which surveyed medium-sized businesses in 26 countries, found just 24 percent of businesses could negotiate in a second language, compared to a global average of nearly 60 percent. So why do Kiwis fare so badly? Kenneth Leong, the director of Auckland’s European Language Academy, says New Zealand is one of the most monolingual countries in the world.