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ELA Newsletter for Term 1, 2007

Featured in this issue :

Welcome Euroasia!

First there was the European Language Academy.  Then there was the Asian Language Academy. Two names, but essentially one organisation.  We have now decided to combine the two schools officially and change our name to Euroasia.

Introducing Fasttrack!

Do you feel you would like to make faster progress with your language learning? Can you manage more than one lesson a week? Euroasia’s Fasttrack courses could be for you!


For a limited time only, order resources (dictionaries, practice books etc) from our partner New Beginnings and you will get 10% off. Not only that, they will deliver the materials for free to us, and we will hand this out to you in class. Please place your order before Friday 9 March to qualify for the discount.

Do you speak a foreign language?

People who have learnt a foreign language may not always know quite how to answer this question. What does it really mean? To speak the language like a native, or, if not like a native, with a very high degree of competence, or simply to get by in daily life? Check out this article.

Eat Move and Be Healthy

Patrice Carmignani is a former French teacher at ELA who is now a Personal Trainer working from his gym at Mt Eden. We talked to him recently about his pursuits and his passion for educating Kiwis to live healthy lives. For a limited time, Patrice is offering a free fitness consultation for ELA clients.