About our Spanish courses

The emphasis in our Spanish courses at ELA is on the active use of the language.  From the very beginning, we encourage you to speak Spanish in everyday situations.  As you progress through the school, so you increase the range of situations which you are able to handle.  In the initial stages, we avoid too much grammar, and we always do our best to ensure that our Spanish classes are lively, interactive and enjoyable.  We introduce you to Latin American Spanish as well as the language of Spain itself, and you also learn about the fascinating cultures of the diverse Spanish-speaking world.  


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Spanish course overview

  • Up to 6 levels (beginners and above)
  • High-quality teaching
  • Latest teaching methods and techniques
  • Small classes
  • One-to-one lessons also available

What you will do on your Spanish course

  • Develop your practical skills, especially speaking and listening
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Work on pronunciation, intonation, stress and rhythm
  • Learn about the cultures and ways of life in Spanish-speaking countries


Details specific to our Spanish courses

Key information
Minimum stay 1 term (5 or 10 weeks)
Lesson time 1.5 hours per lesson
Class size 4-10 students (average 6)
Levels available Beginners and above
Course fee $360 per term  (inc. GST)
All course materials are provided by ELA